Jun 08

Personal Finance Software Options For Your Mac Computer

So you just got a new Mac huh? And now you’re trying to figure out how to make the transition from life as a Windows user to a new operating system. Finding the right personal finance software can be a challenge. If you were using Quicken on your old Windows computer, you’ve probably heard that there is a version of Quicken just for the Macintosh computer. Unfortunately, many of the features found in Windows Quicken. Also, using an emulator (letting you run Windows applications on a Mac) can get complicated and is prone to its own set of problems. So now what to do?
I suggest looking into Liquid Ledger. This personal finance software solution comes with a robust set of features which can help you track your money down to the last cent. The goal of any good money application is to let you see what you’re spending and what you’re bringing in. Once you determine this, you can make wiser choices about how to budget your money. Here are some features that Liquid Ledger offers:
* The program saves you time and energy by allowing you to automatically schedule regularly occurring payments. The software will alert you when the payment is due, keeping you from having to remember all those bills. You also have the peace of mind that forgetting a payment is a thing of the past.
* Create a budget, then compare how much you planned to spend against how much you actually spent. This lets you see your situation all during the month and find out why the money always seems to disappear.
* Liquid Ledger lets you create powerful reports that let you determine your net worth.
* If you’re a programmer (or even if you’re not), you can

Jun 06

Principles of bank lending

Over the years, the bankers are evolving some principles of lending. Broadly, these principles are: Character: The borrower must inspire confidence in his bank with his integrity and ability to run the venture. He must have adequate stake or capital in the venture. He should neither over trade nor indulge in speculative activities.

The venture: The venture of the borrower must be acceptable to the bank in terms of the policy guidelines and instructions of the government, the central bank of the country and of the bank itself. An acceptable venture must be viable; i.e. capable of generating profits.

The resources namely; the demand and time liabilities of the bank are of short term nature being demand deposits (current and savings) and medium term time deposits (fixed deposits etc.) Therefore, banks generally lend on short term basis; i.e. for meeting the working capital needs of their customers. Long term loans are also extended but only for certain specified purposes to certain categories of customers. The bank has to ensure that credit lent is well spent; i.e. the end use of the credit is in accordance with the terms of sanction.

A venture which is well managed by honest and professional person or persons is the ultimate security to a bank. However, even good ventures are known to fail for a variety of causes. Therefore, when a bank takes security for extending credit limits, it is taking an insurance against unforeseen events such as business failure, diversion of funds etc.,

As a bank lends on short term, it expects its loans and advances to be repaid or liquidated as per the terms of sanction. This is necessary since a bank has to keep its assets as liquid as possible to meet all possible demands or drawals of

Jun 06

Personal Finance Tips That Can Help You Out!

Open a savings account, and start putting money aside. Ideally, you should be saving at least 25% of your income. You can adjust the amount of money you put aside to your other financial obligations. Use your savings when you find yourself in need, or to finance major projects.

Buy used. Buying new is a lot more fun, but if you buy used, you can save a lot of money. It is estimated that cars lose almost a third of their value in their first couple years, so why not buy a car that is a couple of years old.

Cut down on eating out every month. It should be no surprise that eating out frequently can really take a toll on your budget. There’s nothing wrong with eating out every once and a while, but it is a luxury that shouldn’t be done constantly. Cooking at home is cheaper and can help you save on your budget.

When making plans for the future, always think about inflation. The money you are putting aside now, might not be worth as much as you think in thirty years. Select a good retirement plan with high interest rates, in order to compensate for inflation and you will end up saving more money than what you will need.

You can save tons of money each month by drinking more water and less bottled drinks. Of course, everyone knows that water is healthy for you. But it is also free, meaning that you do not have to dish out so much money buying it. You will also be more full, meaning that you won’t spend as much on food.

If you want great personal finances, you need to keep a positive attitude, even if you make a mistake. If

Jun 05

Secure Personal Finance For All Your Personal Needs!

Are you looking forward to satisfy any of your wants but are finding it difficult to avail loans? You can opt for secured personal finance for any purpose at the most competitive rates! This may sound too good to be true? But it is true. Read on to find out how .

This type of finance is a popular choice due to the several benefits that comes with it! When you opt for these kinds of finances, you enjoy low interest rates and flexible repayment options suited for your needs. You can also benefit from the advice of financial advisers. They can help you decide which lender is most likely to approve you such types of funds.

This type of finance is ideal for homeowners who are willing to release equity on their home. When you use your home as collateral, you assure yourself a better interest rate with comfortable repayment options. You can use secured loan for any purpose according to your needs and circumstances. To realize all these benefits and more, you must seek help from financial advisers. They can help you get the best deal on funds.

It is advisable you approach them as they can help you in your pursuit for best type of finances. You can get all your doubts clarified through them. With their help you can lay your hands on the best suitable finance. There are many advantages of availing this kind of finance:

Lowest interest rates
Borrow from 5,000 – 250,000 for any purpose
Comfortable repayment options
No fees/obligation
Widest choice of lenders
Quick approval and immediate payout
Fast, friendly and efficient service
Loans up to 125% of property value
Immediate decision in principle
Special plans for bad credit, CCJs, self

Jun 05

Defaulters Of Loans Or Credit Cards From Banks Beware Of Cibil

Credit card and personal loan defaulters will find it more difficult to evade credit collection officers in future.

Banks can now track defaulters who have absconded or skipped payment through information currently being provided by Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd. (Cibil). Whenever a defaulting borrower applies for a fresh loan with any bank his credit history can be accessed by on e mail.

It was near impossible till very recent times to trace a customer in event of change of address unless communicated to the lending bank. Now due to the central database maintained by Cibil containing amongst others data about date of birth and PAN number etc they can be located and identified.

While there is a controversy about sharing such data & services to lending banks being an infringement on privacy the same seems to be well purview of the CIBIL act as confirmed by MD. Arun Thukral.

Surprisingly there have been cases in the past where two branches of the same bank have given loans to the same borrower due to unavailability of real time credit history of the customer. Sharing of database maintained by Cibil amongst lending banks will be a remedy to this unwanted problem.

Customers too would now be able to access their Cibil report by making online payment to Cibil who would mail the report to the address on its record. According to Mr. Thukral Cibil is also offering its analytical tools to banks to facilitate their decisions on credit worthiness of loan applicants by allotting credit score based on existing and past relationship across all products by participating banks.

The Reserve Bank of India had declared new guidelines which will disallow any bank to treat a customer as a defaulter if they have negotiated the amount payable against his account

Jun 04

Current Affair Knowledge in IAS and Bank Exams

Bank exams and IAS exams are two exams which witness the maximum number of candidates. They are highly competitive in nature due to the inclusion of current affair questions and answers in their exam. Current affairs are the backbone in both these exams, where a candidate can not clear if he/she does not have a sound knowledge of the current happenings taking place around him/her. Once has to work very hard to clear these tough exams, however, once they are cleared a secure future is set for you. Their popularity amongst the masses lie in their open invitations to candidates from all academic fields, and the power these jobs tag along with them. Moreover, working in a government field has its own advantages. Therefore, there is no reason for them not be popular and it is for the same reason that they are the top most career choices for many youths of India, today. Getting a job in a bank or becoming an IAS officer sounds exciting and challenging, however reaching this position is not an easy task at all. The candidates who are finally selected by them are not average candidates but highly meritorious candidates who have proved themselves. Both, the IAS exams and the bank exams require months of thorough preparation with a strong concentration on the entire syllabus. However, while the bank recruitment precedes one exam and an interview; the IAS recruitment requires clearing the IAS prelims, IAS mains and then the interview round. All the stages are equally important and their scores are added in the final results. One thing that is common in bank exams and IAS exams is a major portion of the question paper being dedicated to the current affairs. Question and answers in the written exam and even the interview, consists of

Jun 04

Managing Your Personal Finance And Bills Online Is A Snap!

Nowadays, just about everyone is using the Internet for every single situation in the book. Got injured at work and want to find how to get Workman’s comp? The Internet can tell you how. Need to find the nearest restaurant that serves French food? The Internet can show you where. Need to manage your personal finance, but still want to be secure? Well there are programs available to people such as yourself on the Internet, just have to know where to look and what to look for!

One of the things I always suggest to people and businesses that do a lot of online personal finance stuff is to check out some of these secure toolbars available. They change every month and get better and more secure. So if you had a bad instance in the past, don’t give up. Developers are trying their very best to give you the BEST product they possibly can. Recently I decided I wanted to take a look at a few of the products, programs and toolbar add-ons available and I found an astonishing amount! I would suggest that before you pick a program to do some research on it.

See what people say about it, what kind of ratings it got, and how much it has really helped the user out. This is about safety but it’s also about functionality. The toolbar I found literally allows you to do ALL kinds of things such as personal finance, online bill payment, pay bills online to specific companies, and they also have bill reminders which are nice for those of us that seem to always forget which bills are due on which date! That would be me for sure. I have so many things going on with my personal life and business life

Jun 01

Smart Ways To Use A Credit Card

Aren’t you sick and tired of hearing how “bad” credit cards are and that we should all just cut them up and start living on cash again. Although this sounds nice in some ways, the reality is that we live in a consumer society and credit cards have become a major part of life. The problem is when people don’t know how to use credit cards. Credit card debt is no joke and it can suck you in like quick sand. You can blame credit card companies all you want but in the end its your responsibility to be smart with your money and your cards.

Credit cards do have a positive role to play in personal finance. If you are smart with it, it can help you better manage and spend your money and it can give you the financial leverage when you need it most. Here are 3 smart uses for credit.

1. Emergencies

I do not recommend or encourage anyone to live on credit. its a recipe for disaster. Instead, the best way to use your credit cards is to use it as backup. We all have financial disasters that usually hit at the most inconvenient times. If you don’t have life savings to fall back on then it can really hit you hard. Having a card as a backup can really be a lifesaver and at a fee of about $50 a year, it’s well worth the security that it provides in case you need it.

2. Controlling Your Spending

One of the reasons why so many people fall deeper and deeper into debt is because they get caught with their pants down – so to speak. They spend and spend and then fail to make the minimum payments. When interest starts kicking in, its usually

Jun 01

Why Winning The Cash Game Takes Discipline And Personal Finance Secrets Are Worthless

Are you sick of hearing countless schemes and gurus whispering the need for private finance secrets? The truth is none of these fancy plans are needed. The following article will explain why winning the money game takes discipline and personal finance secrets are worthless.

Nowadays’s economic landscape is crammed with advice regarding how you should best invest your cash, whether within the stock market, a marketing theme, precious metals investing, assets, or another fancy set up for making wealth. Have you ever noticed that they usually mention terribly very little regarding the risks concerned in such ventures, usually creating it appear that they’re positive bets and your monetary rewards await all people who even try.

Well the reality of those investment schemes for wealth building is typically terribly different. The stock market will drop, firms will move out of business, the market will fall out from below land, businesses will fail, the list is endless. Any personal finance recommendation that doesn’t involve smart analysis on your part, responsibility for your cash and your choices, and financial discipline is to be avoided.

Do not misunderstand me. I’m not averse to risk and winning the money game involved managed risk on a continual basis for true success. But the reality about personal finance is that there are terribly few true secrets, and if there are any in the slightest degree, it is the sound recommendation that has resounded as logic for generations.

Winning the money game and making financial increase in your life needs discipline and attention to your finances. Pay less money than you earn each month, and don’t live beyond your current means. I think in big dreams, huge dreams in fact, but winning the money game requires living in your reality of now while you work to create your

May 31

Personal Finance Coaching

All life insurance entails paying premiums over time. If you die the insurance policy pays based upon the terms of the agreement.

I think that you really should have sufficient life insurance so that if you, or your partner, pass away you can reside off the interest. Assume a four% return on your investment.
A portion of your premium is placed in a separate savings account that accrues worth over time, which can later be reclaimed if the policy is ended. Premiums for cash value life insurance are generally 7-10 occasions higher than those of term life insurance. Other names for money value policies are entire life and universal life policies.
As lengthy as you pay you are covered and if you die while the term insurance policy is active, your beneficiaries will obtain the quantity of specified coverage. Stick With Term Insurance – don’t mix investments and insurance.
I think that you ought to not mix your insurance and your investments. The return on investment is not usually extremely appealing and you will likely be in a position to do significantly far better investing the distinction in between the cost of a term policy and a money worth policy.cy.

Personal Finance Coach

This morning when watching TV with my nine year-old son an American Express commercial came on. This prompted him to ask me about the reward points they have been promoting.

His question was, “How considerably is a point worth?” Very good question, and one I’m not positive most credit card users ask themselves.

Let’s appear at the cost of a Totally free airline ticket purchased with reward points. Let’s say that you can get an airline ticket for 25,000 points – this assumes that you didn’t need to use a “rule buster” that charges 50,000 miles.

Based upon our equation, 25000 points/$328

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