Aug 09

Corporate Finance And Loan Structuring To Achieve Your Business Objectives

Corporate Finance is a specialist area. We provide a whole host of funding services for MBI, MBO, Venture Finance and equity funding. Corporate Finance Loan Structuring involves looking at a whole host of factors and projections to leverage the maximum benefit. At Oxford Funding, our experts help you do exactly that.

Oxford Funding offers corporate finance for various purposes. One of the major areas where the demand for funding is growing is in the area of MBOs and MBIs. Our corporate finance loan structuring schemes let us fund your MBI or Management “Buy In” which allows you to acquire a company that you will run with your new management team.

If you want to buy the business in which you work, opt for an MBO which refers to the “Buy Out” or the acquisition of a company by your existing management team. You’ll find our flexible and efficient corporate finance loan structuring schemes can be tailored to your circumstances.

Call our specialist brokers in these packages, Glin or Peter on 01242 226662.

Our c orporate finance loan structuring plans allow you to take out unsecured loans too. These are useful when you need to raise finance urgently for expansion or any other purpose.

Our Corporate Finance plans help you raise the equity funding that you need to help your company grow or take advantage of the opportunities that may arise unexpectedly. When you pursue this option, you sell a partial interest or ownership in your company to your equity investors and raise the funds you need. In return, you will share some of your profit with them. Our Corporate Finance Loan Structuring helps you get the best arrangement.

Another important service we offer is helping you raise venture capital to expand the successful business . Using our corporate finance loan

Aug 08

Payday Loans No Bank Account – Get Immediate Finances Without Any Fuss!

A persons everyday fight with financial problems can come to an end. Also, his need for additional finances every month can be fulfilled with the help of payday loans no bank account which is a surprise from the financial market for the salaried people who like to get rid of their financial troubles. These loans are short term loans which mean lenders offer small money for small, but immediate needs. The best feature of this financial scheme is that there is no need to show bank statement for the approval. The amount obtained with payday loans no bank account is adequate to resolve small everyday problems like phone bills, library bills, grocery bills, credit card bills, medical emergency, and many more.

People who do not get financial assistance because they do not possess a bank account can now avail finances with payday loans no bank account. With the help of this financial facility borrower is able to get an amount up to 1500 which carries a repayment period of 31 days. Before one opts for payday loans no bank account he must know that some eligibility conditions are to be fulfilled to get approval for this financial plan. The applicant must be permanent citizen of UK and he must be 18 years of age. He must be the employee of an organization earning a basic salary of at least 1000 per month. If all these conditions are met with, applicant will be considered apt for this financial facility.

If people want to obtain quick and hassle free cash, then they must apply for payday loans no bank account through online mode. The online method of application is easy and borrower is not required to provide any documents for the approval. Borrower is only required to fill a simple online application

Aug 08

A Complete Guide on Credit Card Balance Transfer

Summary: Worried about your credit card debt? Well, balance transfer is a good option, provided you know the ins and outs of the process. Credit card debt relief programs help you get to know the balance transfer process better.

Credit card relief program You can keep better track of your debt by transferring your balance from high interest credit cards to a lower interest one. This also facilitates paying off your debt faster. But most of the time there are hidden charges incurred during the transfer process which could make the deal turn costly for you. That’s why it is mandatory to understand the intricacies of credit card balance transfers before opting for one. Debt management experts recommend credit card relief programs as the best source for learning more.

Here are some tips on credit card balance transfers which will help you get the most out of your credit payment.

Check out the introductory rate duration Most credit cards offer introductory annual percentage rates (APRs) for balance transfers. But the offer is for a specific time period, and, once the period is over, you will be charged with normal interest rates. Hence credit card debt program experts recommend checking the validity of the introductory rate offer before you decide to go ahead with it.

Calculate the transfer fees Normally the savings from a credit card balance transfer are more than the cost of the transfer fee. But debt management experts still suggest that you calculate the transfer fees to ensure that it will be profitable for you. According to credit card relief program counselors, you are charged either with 4% of the transferred amount or a minimum of $10 as the balance transfer rate. Check if you can pocket more savings with this provision than with

Aug 07

Valuable Insights For Money Handling With Money Matters Expo – A Personal Finance Training Course

Occupy Wall Street got to the press, spawned waves of encouragement around the globe, and did not really turn the gods and goddesses of, what has been determined as basically approved gambling, sweat. Controlling money is in no way a straightforward undertaking and when you entrust large sums to other persons who claim to hold the competence and your best interests at heart, the whole encounter will feel almost debilitating when the outcome isn’t what was promised or projected. Heading out to a money matters expo – a personal finance training course will allow you-and you alone-to make educated decisions related to making your funds work for you.

Like most folks who had a try of saving money, you might have developed some strategies to attain your financial objective. It’s possible you began planning to set aside few extra money from your monthly earnings just to be hampered or sidetracked by unnecessary spending or urgent matters. Perhaps you determined living a prudent, almost Ebenezer Scrooge-like lifestyle reasoning that parsimony would eventually help you become a millionaire. It could be that you considered to get involved on every new, gimmicky investment that simply resulted in near economic ruin.

Controlling cash does not necessitate a master’s degree in finance or a fantastic comprehension of economics and a talent for solving math equations. But you do need to set forth with a serious purpose of striving for a financially independent existence. A life that allows you to get the goods you hope to afford. A life that gives you and your family with the financial certainty you need. A life that will liberate you from the encumbrance of debt.

Money matters expo, a financial literacy training course is your perfect opportunity of achieving all those goals. This sort of concentrated

Aug 07

Bin Checker For American Express Assists Merchants In Validating Credit Cards

Before delving into the ‘BIN checker for American Express’ subject, we are going to take a look at what the BIN checker facility is exactly, and which factors govern it.

At its core, the BIN checker system works to resolve all the queries related to looking up details about a BIN number. These details are already stored and made available upon request in a BIN numbers database.

What does the BIN number list and BIN checker software represent? Why are people using it as a standard? To answer these commonly asked questions, read the following description carefully…

For each and every credit card, debit card and electronic charge, the first 6 digits of the entire numbers string are the BIN numbers. These numbers individually represent a special coded segment for the card type, where it originates from, which bank issued it – and so on and so forth.

With a more sophisticated BIN checker program, the end user gets to know a lot of other details that don’t come along with software of a general or trial nature. However, seeing that this specific information isn’t exactly the center focus of this article, we’ll move onto explaining the BIN checker for American Express.

What is BIN Checker For American Express?

BIN checker for American Express cards is nothing more than a special category of the first 6 numbers, which supposedly identifies all kinds of cards that were ever made under the tutelage of American Express. We use the word “supposedly” here because despite the state-of-the-art security, there are still times when someone will manage to pull a scam or fraudulent activity at a massive level.

However, ever since BIN checker software and BIN number lists came into existence, the overall degree of cybercrime has been reduced by a significant

Aug 06

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget – Do You Live Beyond Your Means

It was not that long ago that the prospect of any major purchase, be it a new home or car or even a television set, was a major consideration for the average American. Savings, careful budgeting, and sacrifice were the name of the game. Then came credit and everything changed. Today, wanting something new is and having it is as easy as pulling out a small plastic card and worrying about the repercussions another day.

It’s a slippery slope however and habitually buying that which you cannot afford has a major psychological effect on a person who soon becomes “unable” to cut back on their style of living. We’ve all heard the term “champagne taste on a beer budget,” but how do we tell if that is the case for us?

Here are five hints to help you find out:

You Know What an Overdraft Fee Is Because You Routinely Pay It

There is really no excuse to overdraw on your bank account. If there is no money there, then don’t use it. However, if you have absolutely no idea how much money is in your bank account and/or cannot get through another billing cycle without taking the risk that there won’t be any money, it’s probable that you are living beyond your means.

You’ve Had to Skimp on Essentials

Ever eaten Ramen for a week straight because you didn’t have the money to buy food until your next paycheck? What about choosing between paying the rent and paying for your car? These items need to be the first on your list of bills and yet when people saddle themselves with too much credit card debt they are the first to go. Your living expenses need to be covered before any luxuries and if you still cannot afford them, then it’s clear you need to reevaluate

Aug 05

World Bank Supporting Urban Vietnam Development

The project of Urban Vietnam development is implemented in 4 provinces and cities including Hai Phong City, Nam Dinh Province, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho City. The project has a total budget up to $ 382 million for entire 4 provinces. Specifically, the budget for Hai Phong is $ 39.9 million, for Nam Dinh is $ 38.5 million, for Ho Chi Minh City is $ 266.7 million and for Can Tho City is 37.2 million.

According to representatives of World Bank, in early 2004, World Bank and Vietnam agreed to implement the project of upgrading Urban Vietnam areas with bank loans from World Bank $ 222.5 million. By December 2009, World Bank continued to invest in the project with more $ 160 million. In accordance with the agreement between Vietnam and World Bank, the project was performed in the period of 2004 to 2012 with 409 packages in 6 categories including infrastructures upgrading level 1, level 2, level 3, resettlement, capacity improvement of real estate management, revolving fund to improve accommodation conditions, and capacity improvement of general management.
According to the evaluation of World Bank, all categories of the project have been completed. In particular, the category of infrastructures upgrading level 1, level 2 and level 3 has helped 11 million people in 4 provinces and cities to improve the living conditions through projects of clean water, sanitation, drainage, and electricity grids. Other projects also assist provinces in constructing houses for resettlement and improving infrastructures in residential areas for low-income people.
In the scope of the mass project, World Bank through World Bank Vietnam in collaboration with the Association of Cities of Viet Nam (ACVN) and the Construction Staff Training College of MOC organize successfully 2 short courses on urgent issues in the urban management and

Aug 04

Top Philippine Banks For Ofw

A bank account is very important for OFW since it will be the account where the money will be sent from abroad. Opening a new bank account can be hard since you do not know which bank is the best for your criteria. There are really many banks in the Philippines so selecting one is not easy. In this article, you can learn which bank to use to send money to the Philippines.

1. Banco de Oro

Last year, Banco de Oro or commonly known as BDO held the highest portion of OFW remittances so it was named by Central Bank o f the Philippines as the No.1 bank of OFW remittance. BDO has services that it exclusively offer to OFW and their relatives like the Kabayan savings account with only P50 initial deposit with no maintaining balance as long it will be used for remittance. Just like other banks, BDO has Internet banking, phone, mobile and ATM banking across the country.

2. BPI

Recently, Finance Asia awarded Bank of the Philippine Islands as the best bank in the country for cash management in 2009. BPI is my choice bank for sending money to the Philippines. It has the best care fo its customer and very quick in responding to their client’s needs.

3. Metrobank

Metrobank is a famousr bank in the Philippines and listed as a public company in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Last year, it belongs to the top five remittance bank of OFW. It has a wide network of branches not only in the Philippines but also in other countries like US, European countries, Korea and Middle East countries. Many OFW likes Metrobank because of its good customer service and plenty of branches all over the country.

4. Chinabank

ChinaBank ranks fourth as the largest universal bank in the Philippines by market capitalization. It is

Aug 03

Poor Credit Rating Bank Account – A Solution For All Your Queries

Are you disturbed that you cannot open a bank account because of your bad credit status? Do not worry; here is an answer for all your queries. The poor credit rating bank account helps you to solve all your financial problems and to rebuild it in the fiscal market. With the assistance of these accounts it gets the individuals financial scores on the track.

Poor credit rating bank account not only assists the person to manage his monetary scores but even helps him in taking funds for his own requirements. As its name suggests this accounts are especially designed for people holding a poor credit history. Almost all the reputed financial institutions offer this account with no credit check and guaranteed acceptance. This means that people having credit problems such as arrears, IVA, CCJ, defaults or even bankruptcy can apply for such these accounts with no restrictions.

The eligibility criteria for bad credit bank accounts are set by the reputed banks and they are quite simple. Consecutively, to be eligible for such bank accounts the applicant has to provide two types of proves like the identity and address proof of the customer. As the applicant offers these proves he is asked to pay the fees for the opening account and its monthly fees. The applicant is not required to be disturbed due to the fees as the fees asked are reasonable. This account can be opened only by the citizens of UK.

These accounts provide all the basic banking facilities to the account holder. This accounts processes like the normal account and even offers the account holder all the basic services provided by the bank. This account provides the debit card as well as cheque book facility to withdraw the cash from the bank when required and also make payments

Aug 01

Personal Loan vs Credit Card Withdrawals


A personal loan is easy to get, but do your research on cost, term and services.

Personal loans enable you to take care of instant necessities without much hassle. You do not have to provide security or guarantor; you can utilise the amount of loan for any purpose, except speculation. But, before taking, you should plan your requirements and assign the operating expense to be met with this loan.

The amount approved will depend on your eligibility, based mostly on your income. The repayment is monthly and the tenure varies from one to five years. Since personal loans do not require any security or hypothecation of resources, the banks charge higher interest rate compared to other secured or protected loan like home loan.

On the other hand, let’s say you want to take the loan money through your credit card. How does this compare?

Foremost, withdrawing cash using a credit card can be very costly if you do not repay quickly. Interest rates on credit card loan withdrawals can range from 20-40 per cent on an annual basis. For nearly all cards, the interest rate on cash withdrawals and credit outstanding for purchases made are the same. But here is the kicker – for the purchases you make through your card, you get an interest-free period to pay back. Cash withdrawals on your card have no such benefits; interest is charged from the moment you withdraw the cash.

And, do not forget the transaction charge, levied on the withdrawal at the ATM. The average interest rate charged for a personal loan is in the range of 12-22 per cent , whereas the average interest rate is 20-40 per cent for withdrawal from a credit card.

Therefore, unless in a very real

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